How Long Does It Take to Complete the Domain Transfer?

Determined by ICANN, .COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG, . WE. Extensions such as TV are usually completed within 7 days.

This process is valid if all conditions are appropriate. The transfer process is not from the date of the order, and the 7-day process starts again with each repetition of the transaction.


What are the conditions for the transfer of the domain?

  • At least 60 days must have passed since the domain name was registered.
  • It must have been 60 days since the Whois information was exchanged.
  • Domain name Expiry time should be more than 15-20 days away.
  • The administrative officer (Admin) in the Whois information should be able to reach the e-mail.
  • The status of the domain should not be in the waiting, deleting and locked states, but should be in the "active" state.
  • The transfer password of the domain name must be obtained. other as: auth code, authorization code, epp code, etc.


Good to Know

  • By transferring the domain, you will extend the current Registration Period by 1 year.
  • If you have made an extension with the current company 45 days before the end of the registration date, the 1-year extension will not take place in the transfer process and you will lose the renewal fee made to the old company.


Unrealized Transfers and Refunds

  • The domain you want to transfer is not suitable for transfer.
  • The refusal of the company where the domain is registered to transfer the transaction.
  • Failure to respond or confirm the transfer confirmation e-mail sent to the administrative authorized e-mail address.


In such cases, the transfer will not take place and no refund will be given.

However, if the Transfer does not take place, the fee paid will be transferred to your account as a balance and can be used for another transaction.

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