General Terms of Service

Except for the “General Service Agreement”, our general terms of service stated below are valid for the services offered to our customers and sold through our website. It has been specified in detail which terms and conditions apply to which service model. The conditions on this page are deemed to have been accepted by our customer who purchases and uses the service.

Accuracy of Profile and Current Information

Your service is activated after the payment process is collected. AdraNom does not activate any service before the payment process is completed or for testing purposes. The profile information that you have created on our website in order to receive service from our customer must be valid and correct. In particular, the e-mail and telephone number (gsm if possible) must be valid so that we can contact the customer in any possible situation. This information should be checked regularly by the customer. In case you enter wrong and intentionally invalid profile information, it may cause results such as temporary/permanent closure of your account. In addition, AdraNom is obliged to keep your profile information and changes in this information from the past period for 5 years.

Hosted Content

The service offered by AdraNom must be used for purely lawful purposes. The services offered by our company cannot be used in a way that constitutes the crimes listed in accordance with the 8th article of the law on the regulation of the broadcasts made on the internet no. 5651 and the fight against the crimes committed through these broadcasts.

All shared hosting services cannot be used for purposes contrary to the concept of hosting, such as file sharing, data storage, backup.

It is strictly forbidden to host, store and archive files with zip, rar, exe, bz2, gzip, 7zip, iso and similar extensions in hosting packages, regardless of file size. If all video and music file types such as mp4, avi, dat, xvid, 3gp, flv, mov, mkv, mpeg, mp3, pdf are the material of the website (for example, the intro video file in the slider area), there is no harm in hosting them. If files with this extension are used for storage purposes (for example, an mp3 or video archive site, pdf e-book site, movie storage in ftp, etc.), hosting is prohibited. AdraNom reserves the right to delete without warning in case of detection. In addition, flash game SWF files are not allowed to be hosted because they are used for storage and archiving purposes.

Backups taken by the customer through the control panel are hosted on the server for 8 hours and then automatically removed by the system. You must download and store the backup you have taken in the hosting directory on your computer. AdraNom does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

If there is a copyright infringing content on your website and we receive a notification of infringement, we, as AdraNom, are obliged to forward it to the customer. The customer has to remove the content that commits this violation from the website within 24 hours, giving a "404 page not found" warning. As AdraNom, we reserve the right to suspend the website if the infringing content is not removed within 24 hours. In case of brand violations, the customer is informed and the entire website is disabled. (For example brand: Whatsapp INC. infringing domain name: etc.)

The sites and content listed below are not allowed to be hosted on our infrastructure. Sites in this content are deleted directly from the server without warning.

  • Web (browser) based games
  • Farm games, Ponzi scheme, etc. ponzi based sites
  • Websites that provide virtual pos and intermediary payments without a BRSA license
  • Tourism agency sites that rent villas and similar immovables without a TÜRSAB certificate
  • Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc. Sites that do follower/likes cheating or sell
  • SMM panels
  • Sites of games such as Metin2, Knight Online, Silkroad, item and money sales sites
  • Toplist and link shortening sites
  • Pishing websites that contain the login screen of known social media sites
  • Websites providing mediation and space for prostitution under the name of massage parlor
  • IRC sites
  • Teamspeak and text and voice chat sites and sites that mediate these services
  • APK Sites
  • Proxy scripts / sites
  • Image uploading and sharing sites (such as hizliresim, tinypic, imgur)
  • Bitcoin and digital currency mining tools
  • Sites with adult content (including shop)
  • IP and FTP browsers
  • Brute force programs / scripts / applications
  • Email spam scripts
  • Banner / ad conversion-distribution sites
  • File upload / mirror sites (like WeTransfer,
  • Wallpaper, stock image download and flash game sites used for storage purposes
  • Ponzi scheme sites
  • Websites that sell substances prohibited by the government
  • Websites that promote lotto / gambling / bets / encourage playing
  • Hacker-oriented sites / archives / programs
  • Sites that promote illegal activities
  • Sites that imitate (phishing) websites of banks or similar organizations
  • Broadcasting live sports competitions (Digitürk, Dsmart, Tivibu, Exxen etc.)
  • Anonymous or bulk SMS sending applications
  • C hild pornography
  • Sites / content that commits crimes of incitement to hatred and hostility, engage in terrorist activities or use violence against people, animals or property, or that supports or encourages these acts.

Domain Names Not Allowed to Register and Transfer

It is not allowed to transfer or register domain names that comply with the following items to our company. In case of detection, the domain name will be deleted without warning.

  • Domain names that are not in compliance with the law (escort and betting site etc.)
  • Commercial bank names (garantionlinesube, enparafinanssube, ak-bankasi etc.)
  • Credit card / bill payment site names (onlinekartode, billodemesubesi, etc.)
  • Brand infringing names (c0pyrightinstagram-support etc.)

Use of E-Mail Services

Web or reseller hosting service cannot be used by itself just like e-mail hosting. The e-mail service is a free third-party service offered with the hosting service. It is not the main service. In order to use the e-mail service, the website in question must broadcast completely over AdraNom. If the site broadcast is located in another hosting company, the e-mail service is provided by AdraNom, or if there is no website on the service and is only used as e-mail hosting, it is considered as a site that abuses the concept of unlimited and uses it for purposes other than web / reseller hosting, accordingly, the e-mail service of the website in question may be stopped. The customer is warned about this.

Except for corporate hosting packages, the limit for sending and receiving e-mail in all our hosting packages is 100 per hour. This limit is different for corporate hosting and is specified in the service details. AdraNom may change the hourly limit of e-mail exchange by informing its customers.

A quota is not applied to e-mail accounts created as standard. However, it cannot be used for purposes such as e-mail archiving, e-mail storage, which can abuse the concept of unlimited in all hosting services. In case such usage is detected, the e-mail account is limited to 1 GB quota by our technical support team. E-mail records can be stored on our servers up to a maximum of 365 days. E-mails before 365 days are not automatically deleted, but AdraNom reserves the right to delete it if necessary.

PHP mail() function is prohibited on all our hosting servers. Customers should use SMTP protocol for sending email via PHP software.

It cannot be used for mass / spam e-mails in all services sold through our website. It can suspend e-mail addresses that it detects suspicious transactions.

Sourcing and Other Details

Unlimited (unmeasured) features are based on good faith use. The aim is for our customer to use the service within the framework of goodwill without any limitations. Services that violate this practice are detected.

In our hosting packages, the CPU usage limit is specified in the service details. CPU limit varies by service model. If more than one website is hosted as an addon in the hosting packages, the websites share the CPU limit among themselves. In reseller hosting services, each hosting opened has its own resources.

The inodes (number of files) limit of our services are specified in the package details. It is not possible to increase the inode limit. If the customer needs more inodes, they should switch to different service models.

AdraNom can monitor resource usage (CPU, inode usage, MySQL, MSSQL, traffic, disk usage, etc.) on a daily basis and may ask the customer to reduce resource usage for suspected abusive uses. In cases where package limits or good-faith usage principles are exceeded, the system may automatically limit, stop, redirect to a special page, or restrict. If the CPU limit is exceeded in more than 90 seconds, the consuming resource is attached to our monitor system and the customer is warned.

The rules and limits mentioned in the details of the services sold on our website have been determined in response to abuse. According to this; The consumption of disk, traffic, CPU and other resources cannot be allowed to be at a level that will adversely affect the server you are on and our other customers sharing this server.

Remote MySQL connection (remote MySQL connection) on all our hosting servers is closed for security reasons. Personal and site specific activation is not possible for security reasons. Customers must perform all transactions through PhpMyAdmin.

Our customers can set cronjobs (scheduled tasks) to run on all of our hosting servers a minimum of every 15 minutes. Cron processes running under the specified minutes can be deleted or minimized without notice. No exceptions can be made in this regard and AdraNom cannot be held responsible if it is deleted.

As the Yandex search engine does not have dofollow / nofollow crawling artificial intelligence, then it aggressively crawls (crawls) by trying to index non-existent links. It can be activated according to the customer's request, but at this point, the written approval of the customer is definitely obtained through the support ticket.

Shared hosting services do not have SSH access rights.

Considering criteria such as resource usage and server performance, AdraNom can make IP, server and infrastructure changes related to the service it deems necessary.

Moving Sites

Free migration is a service provided for the convenience of users only. AdraNom cannot guarantee that free migration is possible and will be completed in any time. For the migration, our technical team just tells the customer when the migration will begin. Free migration is a free service that is valid between supported dashboards as long as the site size does not exceed 3 GB. In addition, if the service you purchased from our company has the right to host more than one domain name, only the data of your main domain name can be transferred. More than one website in different hosting cannot be moved to your service in our company as an addon domain. Free migration is valid up to a maximum of 15 sites and is valid within the first 7 days from the start of the service. Transport requests outside of this process and other than 15 sites are made within a fee. Since the migration from different control panels has to be done manually, a maximum of 3 websites are migrated as long as 3 GB is not exceeded. In manual migrations, the migrations other than 3 websites are paid for.

In the free migration process, there is no guarantee of smooth migration of the site. AdraNom is only responsible for transferring the site data from the old service provider to its own servers, and it is the customer's responsibility to not work due to possible problems with the site. Problems in the infrastructure of the old service provider company can complicate the migration process and prevent it completely.

For detailed information, you can check our "Hosting Transfer" page.

Use of Shared and Private IP Address

Our customers who do not receive a private IP address during or after ordering the service use a shared IP address. AdraNom cannot be held responsible for blacklist problems that may occur due to the large number of different sites over the shared IP address. For blacklisted IP addresses, AdraNom will apply for delisting as soon as possible. When the website that causes the shared IP address to be blacklisted is detected, it may be suspended without notice.

Periodic Backup

The customer is responsible for backing up the sites he owns. Our company periodically takes daily and weekly backups, but our company cannot be held responsible for possible data loss. AdraNom may share periodic backups with the customer when requested, but the main purpose of periodic backups is to be used in case of a potential problem.

The maximum size of the hosting service that can be included in the scope of periodic backup is 3 GB. Accounts that use 3 GB or more of disk are automatically excluded from backup. In such cases, the responsibility for backup rests entirely with the customer. It automatically re-enters the backup scope when usage is reduced.

AdraNom does not perform any backup operations for virtual and physical servers if it is not included in the package, it is the customer's responsibility to manage and create backup operations. If the customer requests, he can purchase additional backup service.